Troubleshooting: Engine Running Problem

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Troubleshooting: Engine Running Problem

Troubleshooting: Engine Running Problem

Troubleshooting a poor running engine is a complex task. We follow a proven method of discussing the symptoms and establishing a plan for recreating it while running the engine on a dyno on the trailer.

There are a number of checks we do while running the engine under a load, some of them are:

  • Spark tests
  • Output load tests
  • Fault code checking and printing
  • Laptop based cylinder missfire test
  • Fuel rich/lean tests
  • Timing advance tests

We generally start with a plan that will take up to 2 hours. If the problem is found before that, you are only charged for the time it takes. Once we have established the problem, you are provided with a written estimate for the repairs. No surprise troubleshooting costs, or repair costs without your authorization.

If we cannot find the problem in the allotted 2 hour time, you are called and we both decide what the next step to recreate the problem will need to be.

If you do not decide to do the repair or if the problem cannot be found, you are only charged the 2 hour labor charge of $210 plus any parts used.

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